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Correlated Materials Characterization via Multimodal Chemical and Functional Imaging...

Publication Type
Journal Name
ACS Nano
Publication Date
Page Numbers
11798 to 11818

Multimodal chemical imaging simultaneously offers high-resolution chemical and physical information with nanoscale and, in select cases, atomic resolution. By coupling modalities that collect physical and chemical information, we can address scientific problems in biological systems, battery and fuel cell research, catalysis, pharmaceuticals, photovoltaics, medicine, and many others. The combined systems enable the local correlation of material properties with chemical makeup, making fundamental questions of how chemistry and structure drive functionality approachable. In this Review, we present recent progress and offer a perspective for chemical imaging used to characterize a variety of samples by a number of platforms. Specifically, we present cases of infrared and Raman spectroscopies combined with scanning probe microscopy; optical microscopy and mass spectrometry; nonlinear optical microscopy; and, finally, ion, electron, and probe microscopies with mass spectrometry. We also discuss the challenges associated with the use of data originated by the combinatorial hardware, analysis, and machine learning as well as processing tools necessary for the interpretation of multidimensional data acquired from multimodal studies.