Sergei V Kalinin

Director, Institute for Functional Imaging of Materials

Sergei V. Kalinin is the director of the ORNL Institute for Functional Imaging of Materials and distinguished research staff member at the Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences (CNMS) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, as well as a theme leader for Electronic and Ionic Functionality on the Nanoscale (at ORNL since 2002). He also holds a Joint Associate Professor position at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, and an Adjunct Faculty position at Pennsylvania State University. His research interests include application of big data, deep data, and smart data approaches in atomically resolved and mesoscopic imaging to guide the development of advanced materials for energy and information technologies, as well as coupling between electromechanical, electrical, and transport phenomena on the nanoscale.He received his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 2002, followed by a Wigner fellowship at ORNL (2002-2004). He is a recipient of the Blavatnik National Awards for Young Scientists (2018); RMS medal for Scanning Probe Microscopy (2015); Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) (2009); IEEE-UFFC Ferroelectrics Young Investigator Award (2010); Burton medal of Microscopy Society of America (2010); ISIF Young Investigator Award (2009); American Vacuum Society Peter Mark Memorial Award (2008); R&D100 Awards (2008 and 2010); Ross Coffin Award (2003); Robert L. Coble Award of American Ceramics Society (2009); and a number of other distinctions. He has published more than 500 peer-reviewed journal papers, edited 3 books, and holds more than 10 patents. He has organized numerous symposia (including symposia on Scanning Probe Microscopy on Materials Research Society Fall meeting in 2004, 2007, and 2009) and workshops (including International workshop series on PFM and Nanoferroelectrics), and acted as consultant for companies such as Intel and several Scanning Probe Microscopy manufacturers. He is also a member of editorial boards for several international journals, including Nanotechnology, Journal of Applied Physics/Applied Physics Letters, and recently established Nature Partner Journal Computational Materials.Contact InformationE-mail: sergei2@ornl.govTelephone: (865) 241-0236


• Blavatnik National Award for Young Scientists, 2018• Fellow, Foresight Institute, 2018• Fellow, IoP, 2017• Fellow, IEEE, 2017• Fellow, Materials Research Society, 2017• One of the top 100 most cited Russian physicists, 2017• RD100 Award finalist for “G-Mode Scanning Probe Microscopy and Spectroscopy”, 2016• Finalist, Blavatnik National Award for Young Scientists, Physics, 2016, 2017• Microscopy Today Innovation Award for “General Mode (G-mode) Microscopy & Spectroscopy”, 2016• Fellow, American Physical Society, 2015• Fellow, AVS, 2015• IEEE Senior member, 2015• Medal for Scanning Probe Microscopy, Royal Microscopical Society, 2015• ORNL Distinguished Scientist Award, 2013• ORNL Team Award in Science and Technology (led the team), 2011• Microscopy Today Innovation Award for “Electrochemical Strain Microscopy”, 2011• Roland B. Snow Award, American Ceramics Society, 2010• Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE), 2009• R&D 100 Award for “Ztherm Modulated Thermal Analysis” (with M. Nikiforov and S. Jesse, ORNL, and A. Gannepali and R. Proksch, Asylum Research), 2010• Microscopy Today Innovation Award for “Adaptive Band Excitation Method in Scanning Probe Microscopy”, 2010• 2010 IEEE-UFFC Ferroelectrics Young Investigator Award, 2010• Burton medal for Young Investigator, Microscopy Society of America, 2010• ISIF Young Investigator Award, 2009• Robert L. Coble Award for Young Scholars, American Ceramic Society, 2009• Southeast FLC Excellence in Technology Transfer Award for “Adaptive Band Excitation Method and Controller in Scanning Probe Microscopy”, 2008• R&D 100 Award for “Adaptive Band Excitation Method and Controller in Scanning Probe Microscopy” (with S. Jesse, ORNL, and R. Proksch, Asylum Research), 2008• Peter Mark Memorial Award for Young Scientists, AVS: Science and Technology Society, 2008• Cosslett Award for Best Invited Paper of Microbeam Analysis Society (principal S. Jesse). 2008• ORNL Director Award for Outstanding Team Accomplishment in Science and Technology (led the team), 2006• Team Scientific Research Award from ORNL (led the team), 2006• ORNL Early Career Accomplishment Award for Science and Technology, 2005 • Ross Coffin Purdy Award of American Ceramic Society, 2003 • Wigner Fellowship of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 2002 • MRS best poster award (Fall 2009, Spring 2005, Fall 2003)• AVS Graduate Student Award, 2002• MRS Gold Graduate Student Award - Fall 2001 Meeting • MRS Silver Graduate Student Award - Fall 1999 Meeting, Fall 2000 Meeting• Bochvar Prize for excellence in studies (Moscow State University) 1998• Novoselova prize for best student research work in Inorganic Chemistry, MSU, 1997 • Soros undergraduate student fellowship 1994/1995, 1995/1996 and 1996/1997 • Moscow State University Lomonosov Scholarship for Excellency in Studies, 1996/1997• State Scholarship for Young Scientists from Russian Academy of Sciences, 1994-1996