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ESD presents 2022 Distinguished Achievement Awards

The Environmental Sciences Division recently presented its 2022 ESD Distinguished Achievement Awards.

Esther Parish won the Stanley I. Auerbach Award for creative scientific analyses and spatially explicit tools to help renewable energy stakeholders and the nation meet sustainability goals. The Auerbach Award has been conferred by the division for exemplary environmental sciences research since 1980.

Fourteen Mercury Technology Development Project researchers were honored with the Science Serving Society Award for foundational knowledge of mercury biogeochemical transformations and applied assessment methods informing remediation of soils, sediment, surface water and groundwater on the Oak Ridge reservation and around the world. They are: Terry Mathews, Mark Peterson, Melanie Mayes, Scott Brooks, Christopher DeRolph, Alexander Johs, Sujithkumar Surendrannair, Peijia Ku, Louise Stevenson, Paul Matson, Nikki Jones, Tom Geeza, Kenneth Lowe, and Sarah Ottinger. Susie Peterson accepted the award on behalf of her husband Mark, who led the project and the division’s Aquatic Ecology Group prior to his passing in 2020.

Kristine Moody won the Post-Graduate Research Award for innovative advancements in the science and technology of biodiversity monitoring and fisheries biology.

Jana Phillips won the Research Support Award for excellence and selflessness in facilitating continuous on-site laboratory and field operations during the pandemic.

Lisa Gorman won the Administrative Support Award for exemplary support and leadership to the division on a wide range of tasks, with grace and cheer.