Jana Randolph Phillips

Jana R Phillips

Research Operations Support Professional

Mrs. Phillips has worked for over 22 years providing technical support for the Environmental Sciences Division. Mrs. Phillips is a graduate of the University of Tennessee with a degree in Soil Sciences and a minor in Wildlife and Fisheries. Her previous work included the Minnesota SPRUCE Project, NGEE Tropics, Savanah River Site and Green House Emissions Project on Eastern Reservoirs. Her skills include a broad level of field sampling and laboratory instrumentation and chemistries. Currently, Mrs. Phillips works in the Physical Sciences Directorate (PSD) supporting Materials Science and Technology Division (MSTD) as an Operational Support Professional and FOM.

Technical Support Award, ESD, 2008, 2016, and 2022.

Soil Science Society of America, Winner of Best Presentation for S-7 Division, 2003

Agricultural Sciences Scholarship Recipient, 1998-1999  

TOC-CSH Analyzer ICP IC Soil Respirometer Analyzer Licor 7500 6800 and 8100 Picarro Gas Flux analyzers