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Pan-Sharpening for Microscopy


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Stock image of sample slides


The pan-sharpening system employs an instrument capable of acquiring both sets of images: one with high spatial but sparse spectral resolution and another with sparse spatial but full spectral resolution. By processing these images, it creates a detailed 3D spectral-data cube that maps the material composition of the sample across both spatial and spectral dimensions. This innovative approach reduces the time and complexity of data acquisition in microscopy by avoiding the need to collect full-spatial and full-spectral resolution data simultaneously, which is traditionally time-consuming and computationally intensive.


  • Reduced acquisition time: Significantly speeds up the process of obtaining high-resolution images.
  • Comprehensive analysis: Offers detailed insights by combining spatial and spectral data.
  • Efficiency: Enables a more efficient use of microscopy resources by reducing data storage and processing requirements.

Applications and Industries

  • Material science: For studying the composition and distribution of materials in novel composites and functional materials.
  • Biological research: In the examination of biological samples, understanding cellular compositions at a nanoscale.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Analyzing drug distribution within carriers or tissues.
  • Environmental science: For the detailed analysis of environmental samples, identifying pollutant distribution or material degradation.

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