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Licensing Process

Licensing process Flowchart

ORNL’s Technology Transfer program focuses on partnering with industry and academic institutions to ensure ORNL-developed technologies become successfully commercialized products and services. Our commercialization managers can help you evaluate which of our available technologies is best suited to your interests and capabilities. Once you have identified your interests, your commercialization plan and license application will help our staff evaluate your readiness to advance the technology through development to market. Successful negotiations culminate in the signing of an executable license agreement between your organization and ORNL. Nondisclosure, material transfer, cooperative research and development, and strategic partnership agreements protect all parties’ interests.

As a federal facility, ORNL cannot draft license agreements that include partners’ trade secrets or intellectual property. Licenses are executed according to a technology’s intended use or anticipated market, can be exclusive or nonexclusive, and can include sublicensing rights if you intend to work with third parties. 

For more information, please contact Jennifer Caldwell at or 865-574-4180.

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