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Mike Paulus

Director, Technology Transfer


Jennifer Caldwell

Group Leader, Technology Commercialization


Eugene Cochran

Senior Commercialization Manager


Alex DeTrana

Senior Commercialization Manager


Susan Ochs

Agreements and Marketing Specialist


Related Organizations

Strategic Partnerships

ORNL partners with individuals and organizations outside the lab to accelerate the speed with which ORNL-developed technology goes to market, impacting US competitiveness. We tailor these partnerships and the resulting contractual agreements to fit our partners, who may be other national laboratories, a range of federal entities, industry, or nonprofit organizations, and type of available funding. Our strategic partnership programs also provide access to user facilities and avenues for working with small businesses.

Economic Development

ORNL develops industry cluster strategies and supports entrepreneurial development programs. Our efforts with local, state, and national partners help transfer ORNL-developed technologies and know-how to the commercial marketplace, creating new companies, new jobs, and increased US competitiveness.


For questions, complaints, or other feedback, please contact Mike Paulus, director of technology transfer, at or 865-574-1051. You may also communicate questions and concerns to our Technology Partnerships Ombudsman, Nicole Porter, at or 865-574-2227. The Ombuds can help resolve complaints or disputes regarding technology partnerships—including CRADAs—patents, licenses, and other technology transfer issues.