Soydan Ozcan

Soydan Ozcan

Group Leader, Sustainable Manufacturing Technologies

Dr. Soydan Ozcan is Distinguished Research Scientist and the Group Leader for the Sustainable Manufacturing Technologies Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).  Ozcan leads the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) Hub and Spoke R&D program "Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing Alliance for Renewable Technologies (SM2ART)" with the University of Maine ( The program addresses the broad and vital issue of identifying novel, high-value biomaterials from renewable sources and viable processes for preparing composite and additive manufacturing applications for zero waste. 

Ozcan also leads the Circular Economy and Sustainability pillar for Institute for Advanced Manufacturing Composite Innovation (IACMI) (  IACMI is the national Composite Institute within Manufacturing USA which helps U.S. manufacturers employ leading-edge technology to become more competitive. In this scope, He facilitates the development of composite recycling technologies and utilizes various composite techniques to repurpose them into useful applications. Ozcan and his team are developing manufacturing techniques and exploring new materials to improve energy efficiency during composite manufacturing, decrease material waste, and improve material cost and performance. Ozcan’s team is integrating a smart circular economy concept within product development, production processes, and use and reuse systems right from the beginning. 

Applied R&D of Ozcan’s team engages over thirty industrial partners and delivers research with more direct applications to society. Ozcan is also a prolific researcher who has published over 100 papers, holds 24 issued and pending patents, has published 11 book chapters, and has been an active speaker with over a hundred presentations and short courses on sustainable manufacturing materials-related topics and research.



  • 2023 Excellence in Science & Technology Research Accomplishment  UT-Battelle Awards

  • 2023 Composite and Advanced Materials Combined Strength Team Award for BioHome3D

  • 2023 TAPPI Nano Technical Award

  • 2022 CAMX Outstanding Technical Paper Award

  • 2021 Battelle Memorial Institute Distinguished Inventor

  • 2021 R&D 100 - UCC: Ultra-conductive Copper-CNT Composite

  • 2021 The Awards for Composites Excellence (ACE) in Innovation in Green Composites Design - CAMX

  • 2020 R&D 100 - Biomacromolecule Engineering by Soft Chain Coupling Technology

  • 2018 CAMX Outstanding Technical Paper Award for Green & Sustainability Track

  • 2017 The Awards for Composites Excellence (ACE) in Innovation in Green Composites Design - CAMX

  • 2017 Significant Event Award, for successful bio-composite development for Additive Manufacturing, UT-Battelle - Oak Ridge National Laboratory

  • 2012 Oak Ridge National Laboratory Science and Technology Award, for exceptional team for carbon fiber R&D, UT-Battelle

  • 2010 Significant Event Award, for development of new process for carbon fiber, UT-Battelle - Oak Ridge National Laboratory

  • 2010 Contributor to ORNL’s Gordon Battelle Prize for Technology Impact, “Low-cost Carbon Fiber and Composites”

  • 2008 The Outstanding Technical Papers, Society of Automotive Engineers

  • 2007 Dissertation Research Award of the year, SIU




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  • Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE)
    • Board Member of the Automotive Division of the Society of Plastic Engineers
  • The Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI)
    • Secretary of Nanomaterial Characterization Subcommittee
  • The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS)
  • Materials Research Society (MRS)
  • AIST