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Early Transition Metal Stabilized High Capacity Oxidatively Stable Cathodes of Lithium-ion Batteries


Invention Reference Number

Ends of batteries


The technology detailed involves a novel cathode composition for lithium-ion batteries, comprising a specific lithium mixed-metal oxide formula. This cathode material can optionally be coated, enhancing its structural stability and electrochemical performance. The cathodes designed through this approach are entirely cobalt-free, addressing cost and sustainability concerns associated with cobalt use.


  • Enhanced capacity: Achieves a high usable capacity of up to 180 mAh/g when cycled to 4.5 V vs. Li/Li+, representing a significant improvement over traditional cobalt-based cathodes.
  • Cobalt-free: Eliminates the use of cobalt, reducing material costs and mitigating supply chain risks associated with cobalt availability.
  • Improved stability: The optional coating enhances the cathode's structural stability, potentially leading to better cycle life and safety.
  • Versatility: Compatibility with various anode, separator, and electrolyte components, allowing for integration into diverse battery designs.

Applications and Industries

  • Electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs)
  • Portable electronics (smartphones, laptops, tablets)
  • Renewable energy storage systems (grid storage, solar, wind)
  • Aerospace and defense applications requiring high-energy-density storage solutions


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