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Energy Storage and Conversion Group

The group's research efforts function as a bridge between fundamental materials discovery and understanding and use-inspired research. Key focus areas include integrating the science of interfaces (solid-solid, solid-liquid, and solid-gas), directed synthesis and processing of materials, and ion transport. These combined efforts are required to direct and control the mobility of ions, electrons, and solvents that mediate the performance and properties of the next generation of energy storage and conversion materials. As a cross-cut research activity the group utilizes and develops advance characterization tools and techniques for probing energy storage materials and interfaces.

Research thrusts

  • All solid-state batteries including Materials discovery, design, transport, and processing 

  • Next generation lithium-ion and beyond Li-ion chemistries (lithium metal, sodium, sulfur, etc.)

  • Understanding and controlling electrochemical interfaces 

  • Fundamental electrochemical analysis and technique development

  • Electrocatalysis for N2, CO2, H+, and O2 reduction

  • Cost competitive grid scale chemistries and components for long duration energy storage

  • Applying advanced neutron, x-ray, scanning probe, electron microscopy, and spectroscopic methods to energy storage and conversion materials 


Group Leader, Energy Storage and Conversion
Lei Cheng