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Irradiation stability and thermomechanical properties of 3D-printed SiC...

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Journal of Nuclear Materials
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Neutron irradiation tests were carried out on 3D-printed SiC derived from binderjet additive manufacturing and chemical vapor infiltration. Irradiation was carried to 2.3 dpa over a temperature range of 400–850 °C. Anisotropy that had been observed in the thermal conductivity of 3D-printed SiC prior to irradiation vanished after irradiation as the irradiation defect thermal resistivity accumulated in the material. No degradation in strength was observed in the material before or after irradiation, at various temperatures, or in different orientations. Electron microscopy of the microstructure after neutron irradiation showed distinct defect morphologies in the heterogenous material, but no evidence for irradiation-induced cracking or degradation in the microstructure was observed.