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Investigation of Form-and-Print processing of wrought aluminum alloys for industrial applications

by Gerald L Knapp, Dennis J Brown, Mithulan Paramanathan, Thomas A Feldhausen, Alexander J Plotkowski
Publication Type
ORNL Report
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Conventional manufacturing of wrought aluminum alloys generally involves rolling and forming of sheets of aluminum into the finished product. While these processes rapidly produce parts, produced parts are inherently limited to uniform thicknesses, specific geometries, and homogeneous material properties. Localized processing of formed parts could help overcome some of the geometric limitations imposed by forming, as well as allow for the possibility for localized property variation. Here, we present results from studies on the “Form-and-Print” process that uses additive manufacturing to locally deposit material where it is needed. In the context of these results, we discuss its viability for industrial applications and the key challenges facing the technology.