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Disruptive Manufacturing Systems Development


Achieving fundamental scientific breakthroughs in advanced manufacturing systems design

The Manufacturing Systems Design Group contributes to the development of next-generation advanced manufacturing systems through fundamental scientific breakthroughs, using rigorous scientific principles and world-class scientific processes and tools. The group works across multiple disciplines and process boundaries – with over 75 cumulative years of experience in robotics, mechanical systems, sensors, and digital elements – to create solutions and enable new technological advancements. 

Researchers specialize in the design of complex mechanical and mechatronic systems, and has pioneered the designs of new, large format additive manufacturing systems. Its members have contributed to the development of 3D-printed vehicles and energy system components, which have been critical for the launch of new industries based on advanced manufacturing technologies developed by the laboratory.  The group aims to revolutionize the way products are designed and built, using advanced manufacturing technology and consistent collaborations.

Members of the group are part of complex interdisciplinary teams, working closely with the other groups in the Precision Manufacturing and Machining Section, the Manufacturing Sciences Division, and the Laboratory as a whole. Through participation in the Technical Collaborations Program, which is designed to assist manufacturing industries in the implementation of new manufacturing concepts and methods, the group collaborates with equipment manufacturers, material suppliers, and end users. These collaborations give industries access to ORNL’s expertise and world leading capabilities in material synthesis, characterization, and process technology, helping to advance state-of-the-art technologies.