Feldhausen Portrait

Thomas A Feldhausen

R&D Staff

Dr. Thomas Feldhausen is a research staff member in the Manufacturing Science Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in addition to being a joint faculty member of the University of Texas at El Paso as a research assistant professor in the department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering.  He received his bachelor’s and master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Kansas State University, with a focus on curriculum development for mechanical engineering education, and a Ph.D. degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology in the field of hybrid (additive and subtractive) manufacturing. Thomas started at ORNL in 2019 and has been the technical lead for hybrid manufacturing.  Before working at ORNL, Thomas worked at Honeywell Federal Manufacturing and Technologies in Kansas City where he focused on multi-axis additive techniques for direct ink-write technologies.

Dr. Feldhausen has made significant contributions to the field of additive manufacturing with his innovative research at the Department of Energy’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility.  His research utilizes hybrid manufacturing, a combination of additive and subtractive (machining) manufacturing, to provide industrial solutions for component repair, tooling and tooling repair, advanced energy systems, aerospace, and automotive applications.

Dr. Feldhausen’s work has been recognized with numerous awards, including an Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineering Award by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, selected as a 30 under 30 individual by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, National Nuclear Security Administration Defense Program Award of Excellence, R&D 100 award winner, attendee of the Grainger Foundation U.S. Frontiers of Engineering symposium hosted by the National Academy of Engineering, and currently serves on the technical committee for manufacturing processes for the American Society of Mechanical Engineer’s Manufacturing Engineering Division.

Currently, Dr. Feldhausen is leading ORNL’s portfolio on the industrialization of emerging manufacturing platforms, which aims to develop advanced systems that will support DOE’s efforts in establishing a strong and resilient domestic supply chain. Dr. Feldhausen’s enthusiasm and technical expertise have positioned him as a leading figure in the field of additive manufacturing, and his work has the potential to revolutionize the manufacturing industry.

  • R&D 100 Award 2023 - OpeN-AM: A Platform for Operando Neutron Diffraction Measurements of Additive Manufacturing

National Academy of Engineering

  • Selected attendee of The Grainger Foundation U.S. Frontiers of Engineering. September 2022. Held in Seattle, WA.
  • Session organizer for 2023 EU-US Frontiers of Engineering Program. “Future Challenges in Additive Manufacturing”. Murray Hill, NJ.

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers

  • The Society of Manufacturing Engineers Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award, 2022.
  • The Society of Manufacturing Engineers, 30 under 30, 2022  

National Nuclear Security Administration

  • National Nuclear Security Administration Defense Program Award of Excellence, 2018. 

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