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Installation and Initial Operation of an On-line Target Imaging System for SNS...

Publication Type
Conference Paper
Publication Date
Conference Name
ICANS XIX, 19th meeting on Collaboration of Advanced Neutron Sources
Conference Location
Grindenwald, Switzerland
Conference Date

After several years of operation, the SNS now enters an era of megawatt class operation. At this intensity level, the target will be operating closer to its engineering limits and the beam profile on target must be carefully controlled. During commissioning and early operations, a temporary imaging system was used to measure the proton density on target. This system was not designed to survive the increasing power levels and it had to be removed in the second half of 2006. Since then, no direct measurement of beam properties at the target has been available. A collaboration was forged to remedy this situation, and has resulted in a new imaging system consisting of three major components: a thermal-sprayed luminescent coating deposited on the target nose, a radiation-tolerant optical system installed upstream of the target, and an image acquisition system integrated with the accelerator controls network. The design, installation, and integration of these components will be described. Initial beam measurements and image analysis results will be presented. Lessons learned during this initial operating experience have been documented and will guide the collaboration’s future plans.