Michael J Lance

Michael J Lance

Group Leader, Nuclear Energy Materials Microanalysis Group

Michael Lance is a Senior Research Scientist in Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Materials Science and Technology Division. He serves as Group Leader of the Nuclear Energy Materials Microanalysis Group. He received a B.S. in 1992 from Alfred University and an M.S. and PhD from Rutgers University in 1998 in Ceramic Science and Technology.  He joined Oak Ridge National Laboratory as a Wigner Fellow in 1998 and has been active in several research areas including emissions control technologies, mechanical properties of ceramic materials, corrosion and electron probe microanalysis. 

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, September 2000 to Present

Senior Research Staff

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, August 1998 to August 2000

Wigner Fellow

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, July 1995 to July 1998

High Temperature Materials Laboratory Graduate Fellow

Rutgers University, Center for Ceramic Research, Sept. 1992 to July 1995

Graduate Research Assistant

Gordon Conference (High Temperature Corrosion 2023) - Invited Talk. 

SAE Arch T. Colwell Merit Award, 2018. 

Biodiesel Researcher of the Year, 2015. 

Gordon Conference (Hot Corrosion 2001) - Invited Talk. 

Eugene P. Wigner Fellowship, Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  

High Temperature Materials Laboratory Graduate Fellowship, Oak Ridge National Laboratory. 

1998-1999 Dean's Award for Excellence in Research, Rutgers University.  

Sigfried Weissman Award, Rutgers University, for outstanding paper on the characterization of materials. 

Manville Scholars Award, Alfred University, presented to a student of exemplary character and high academic achievement majoring in Ceramic Engineering or Science. 

Natasha Renner Prize in Physics, Alfred University, presented to a student who has shown excellence and promise in the study of physics. 

Scholes Award, Alfred University, presented in honor of Dr. Samuel R. Scholes, Sr. to the student who has exhibited outstanding academic achievement in the sophomore class in Ceramic Engineering or Science. 

CRC Press Chemistry Achievement Award, Alfred University, in recognition of outstanding scholastic achievement in chemistry. 

Nevins Math Competition Scholarship, Alfred University. 

Awards for highest GPA in sophomore and junior classes, Alfred University. 

Keramos, national ceramic honor fraternity. 

Tau Beta Pi, national engineering honor fraternity. 

Ph.D. Ceramic Science & Engineering, October 1998

Rutgers University, Department of Ceramic and Materials Science and Engineering

M.S. Ceramic Science & Engineering, May 1995

Rutgers University, Department of Ceramic Science and Engineering

Sheffield University, England, January 1991 to May 1991

B.S. Ceramic Engineering with Mathematics Minor, May 1992

Alfred University, New York State College of Ceramics

American Ceramic Society, Member. 

ASM International, Member. 

Microscopy Society of America, Member. 

Raman Spectroscopy

Electron Probe Microanalysis (EPMA)

Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy (GDOES)

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR)

Patent - 10,620,065 - Cement Having Stress-Indicating Properties, Y Polsky, MJ Lance, CH Mattus, JG Hemrick

Patent - 10,451,497 - Stress Sensor for Cement or Fluid Applications, Y Polsky, MJ Lance, CH Mattus, JG Hemrick

Patent - 10,427,137 - Exhaust Treatment Catalysts With Enhanced Hydrothermal Stability And Low-Temperature Activity, Eleni Kyriakidou, Todd J. Toops, Jae-Soon Choi, Michael J. Lance, James E. Parks II