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Evaluation of Fracture Stress for the SiC Layer of TRISO-Coated Fuel Particles by A Modified Crush Testing

by Thak Sang Byun, Jin Weon Kim, James H Miller, Lance L Snead, John D Hunn
Publication Type
Journal Name
International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology
Publication Date
Page Numbers
327 to 337

Fracture stress data for the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) SiC coatings of tri-isotropic (TRISO) carbon/silicon carbide coated fuel particles were obtained using a newly developed testing and evaluation method, and their relationship with microstructure investigated. A crush testing technique using a blanket foil at load-transferring contact has been developed for hemispherical shell SiC specimens based on finite element (FE) analysis results. Mean fracture stress varied with test material in the range of 330 � 650 MPa, and was connected to the combined characteristics of inner surface roughness and porosity.