Jim Henry Miller

James H Miller

Division Director, Nonreactor Nuclear Facilities Division

James (Jim) Miller is the director for the Nonreactor Nuclear Facilities Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  A 35-year ORNL employee, Jim started at ORNL as an undergraduate intern, transitioning to a staff position upon graduation.

Jim has served in various positions at ORNL, including individual contributor, program manager, and line manager. He has experience in both research and development and nuclear facility management and operations. In his current position, he manages nuclear facilities and operations in support of isotope research and production and in support of advance nuclear fuels development.

Jim has research experience in ceramic coatings and ceramic-ceramic composites produced via chemical vapor deposition/infiltration; transuranic isotope production; High Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor fuel development and qualification; and nuclear thermal propulsion fuel fabrication, among
other areas.

Jim holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering, a Master of Science degree in metallurgical engineering, and a doctoral degree in materials science and engineering, all from the University of Tennessee.