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Epoxy as Filler or Matrix for Polymer Composites...

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Book Chapter
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1 to 18
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London, United Kingdom

Epoxy is a widely used polymer because of its ease of processing, high adhesiveness, and high chemical resistance. Epoxy-based composites are commonly used in aerospace, automotive, and marine applications. The epoxy type, function, curing agent, and curing process are discussed in this chapter. Epoxy is used as either a filler or polymer matrix in composite applications. As a filler, the epoxy modification on the fiber is discussed. As a polymer matrix, the epoxy is reinforced by natural and synthetic fibers. The manufacturing process and the fabricated epoxy-based composites’ performance (e.g., mechanical and thermal properties) are investigated. The advantages and disadvantages of epoxy’s function are discussed and summarized. Epoxy modification is an effective approach to improve the composites’ performance.