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Differences in the Interfacial Mechanical Properties of Thiophosphate and Argyrodite Solid Electrolytes and Their Composites...

Publication Type
Journal Name
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Publication Date
Page Numbers
44292 to 44302

Interfacial mechanics are a significant contributor to the performance and degradation of solid-state batteries. Spatially resolved measurements of interfacial properties are extremely important to effectively model and understand the electrochemical behavior. Herein, we report the interfacial properties of thiophosphate (Li3PS4)- and argyrodite (Li6PS5Cl)-type solid electrolytes. Using atomic force microscopy, we showcase the differences in the surface morphology as well as adhesion of these materials. We also investigate solvent-less processing of hybrid electrolytes using UV-assisted curing. Physical, chemical, and structural characterizations of the materials highlight the differences in the surface morphology, chemical makeup, and distribution of the inorganic phases between the argyrodite and thiophosphate solid electrolytes.