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Datasets of a Multizone Office Building under Different HVAC System Operation Scenarios...

by Yeobeom Yoon, Sungkyun Jung, Piljae Im, Anthony C Gehl
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Scientific Data
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This study provides an open-source dataset of the measured weather data, building indoor data, and system data under the different test settings. The test building is the two-story Flexible Research Platform building at the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Four heating tests and three cooling tests were conducted. The 1-min interval of weather, building indoor data, and system data from each test setting are provided. Actual weather data were collected from a weather station installed on the roof. This paper describes information on the test building and installed sensors, data collection method, and data validation. The provided dataset can be employed to understand HVAC system conditions and building indoor conditions under different HVAC system operations and the performance of building envelope without HVAC system operation using free-floating test data. Additionally, it can be used for empirical validation of the building energy modelling engine.