Anthony C Gehl

Technical Senior Staff

Mr. Gehl is an R & D staff member at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the Building Technologies Research and Integration Center.  He has a B.S and M.S. in electrical engineering with a concentration in control.  He now has 20 years’ experience with ORNL specializing in instrumentation and data acquisition.  Early in his career he worked in environmental monitoring and later on system development for detection of explosives using micro cantilevers. Currently his work focus is on real time monitoring and control as well as data acquisition for systems related to the research of building energy, and performance of building equipment and components.​


Significant Event Award (2016) from ORNL
Excellence in Technology Transfer Award: ClimateMaster Trilogy (2014)
R&D 100 Award (2013) from R&D 100 Magazine
Key Contributor Award (2006) from ORNL Work for Others Program
R&D 100 Award (2004) from R&D 100 Magazine