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Assessing Compatibility of Natural Gas Pipeline Materials with Hydrogen, CO2, and Ammonia

by Michael D Kass, James R Keiser, Yan Liu, Amy M Moore, Yarom Polsky
Publication Type
Journal Name
Journal of Pipeline Systems Engineering and Practice
Publication Date
Page Numbers
1 to 15

In this study, we examine the efficacy of repurposing natural gas (NG) pipelines for transporting hydrogen blends (with NG), ammonia, and CO2 (gaseous and supercritical) from the standpoint of materials compatibility. Some information pertaining to component performance is also included, especially those components critical for pressurization and monitoring of flow. A listing of critical pipeline components and materials was developed, and their compatibilities was assessed for each fluid or gas type based on known compatibilities. Results indicate that pipeline materials should be suitable for gaseous CO2 and anhydrous ammonia, but hydrogen blends greater than 12% may be problematic. Current compressor/regulator stations will not be suitable for use with either supercritical CO2 or ammonia. Important knowledge gaps were identified, including (1) polymer performance with hydrogen/NG blends at low pressures, (2) compressor/regulator station polymers and epoxy coating materials with supercritical CO2, and (3) metal performances of hydrogen/NG blends at low pressures.