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Science Area: National Security

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While cameras are seemingly everywhere these days, identifying individuals using images is still a challenge. Traditional camera techniques are often complicated by poor lighting and unfocused scenes with fast-moving subjects.

Today, identity science is shifting toward scenarios in which individu...

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Despite being landlocked in the hills of East Tennessee, fast-attack submarine Lt. Eric Stromme of the U.S. Navy found himself engrossed in his work at ORNL.

During a one-year assignment at the lab, his most memorable project was a groundbreaking experiment that tested an engine made from an alum...

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Standing in his lab nearly two decades ago, carbon researcher James Klett used a pair of tweezers to press an ice chip against a chunk of newly created material he held in his palm. The dark grey material, looking much like a hardened sponge, whisked heat up from his warm palm and melted the ice.