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Rigoberto Advincula

ORNL researchers are deeply involved in applying the principles of a circular economy.

Yarom Polsky

The United States — and indeed the world — is in the midst of a water crisis.

Parans Paranthaman

Taking advantage of the impending increase in demand for lithium will be particularly challenging for the United States, which currently produces very little of the critically important mineral.

COVID-19 infographic

 A collaborative research team from ORNL and other national laboratories is using artificial intelligence and computational screening techniques — in combination with experimental validation — to identify and design drug therapies to target the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Here are five promising approaches.

Marti Head

In early 2020, before the novel coronavirus had been named a pandemic, ORNL computational chemist Marti Head abruptly switched her focus — as did many scientists and researchers around the globe — to fight COVID-19.

Early Careers

Five ORNL scientists have been tapped by DOE’s Office of Science to receive significant research funding as part of the Early Career Research Program.

Matthew Beidler

Matthew Beidler, a physicist in the Fusion Energy Division, started on a research path at a very young age.