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Self-Repairing Oxygen Evolution Reaction Catalysts for Electrolysis


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Electrolysis is common in the production of clean hydrogen used to produce other chemicals such as ammonia, based on heavy use of precious metals, not mined domestically. Typical electrolyzer components prone to degradation and are not suited for long-term durability. This technology uses stainless steel or manufactured alloys that are inexpensive and abundant in the U.S. to create oxygen evolution reaction catalysts for use in electrolysis that can repair and replenish themselves for long-term operation.


This technology optimizes pretreatment conditions for stainless steel/alloys electrode activation. The nickel-rich stainless electrodes show high oxygen evolution reaction (OER). This self-repairing catalyst on the stainless steel electrode layer can regenerate from the metal body substrate under the OER conditions, which could self-repair the catalyst layer and address the catalyst degradation. Additionally, the issues related to the decays of substrate and ionomer can be minimized. The multi-layered electrode can be self-replenished by the steel substrate, and remain stable for long-term operation. These catalysts eliminate use of binders, benefiting long-term durability of the electrolyzer system. This technology can address all three bottlenecks of activity, stability, and cost associated with alkaline OER, and can be used for reducing or eliminating carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.


  • Reduces cost drastically
  • Energy efficient
  • Decarbonizes industry
  • Greenhouse gas friendly; reduces carbon dioxide emissions
  • Stable, active, and efficient
  • Uses commercially available electrodes
  • Uses domestically available material

Applications and Industries

  • Any electrolysis industry using:
    • oxygen evolution reaction
    • hydrogen evolution reaction
    • carbon dioxide reduction reaction
    • and nitrogen reduction reaction
  • Catalyst producers
  • Hydrogen producers


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