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Atomized Delivery for Atom-by-Atom E-Beam Fabrication


Invention Reference Number

Silicon wafer

This technology provides a device, platform and method of fabrication of new atomically tailored materials. This “synthescope” is a scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) transformed into an atomic-scale material manipulation platform. This allows precise placement of a single atom foreign to the material, creating a new material.


The technology utilizes a scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) to manipulate single atoms. Electron beam deposition currently does not allow for placement of individual atoms on a substrate. This technology combines synthesis with atomic fabrication, providing the capability to place individual atoms exactly where they are needed to create new atomically tailored materials. Conventional beam-induced deposition techniques leverage electron or ion beams to dissociate a precursor gas, leaving a deposit on the substrate. As such, they are fundamentally limited to dimensions of the precursor molecules (and in practice usually much larger). By purposely damaging the substrate instead of precursor molecules, foreign single atoms can be deposited at that precise location. In this manner, material can be added in a spatially defined way by positioning the beam over the desired deposition site. This brings the scale of electron beam lithography down to single atoms, a feat currently not available. The technology provides a way to deliver atomized material for the insertion or bonding of atoms at precisely defined locations on a substrate. The result is that new materials could be fabricated atom by atom.


  • Can precisely place atoms where needed
  • New materials not previously possible can be fabricated
  • Brings atomic precision to fabrication and manufacturing
  • Uses standard STEM instruments

Applications and Industries

  • Semiconductor/chip manufacturing
  • Quantum Manufacturing
  • Experimental electron microscopy materials research


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