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Nonaqueous Electrolyte with LiFSI Salt for Fast Charging/discharging of Li-ion Battery


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Eugene Cochran
(865) 576-2830
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Realizing extreme fast charging (XFC) in lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles is challenging because of insufficient lithium-ion transport kinetics, especially in the electrolyte. ORNL researchers have developed a novel high-performance electrolyte (HPE) comprising lithium bis(fluorosulfonyl)imide (LiFSI) and carbonates. The formulation has been characterized and demonstrated in a pilot-scale pouch cell.


Improving the ability of lithium-ion batteries to charge quickly is needed for the widespread adoption of EVs. The Department of Energy has set a goal of reducing charge time to 15 minutes or less and has defined XFC as recharging up to 80% of battery capacity in 10 minutes or less. One route to address XFC challenges is to change the electrolyte formulation, which can improve the movement of lithium ions to the graphite electrode. An ORNL research team has developed a novel HPE for the XFC application, which exhibits high ionic conductivity, excellent electrochemical stability at a high charging rate, and excellent long-term cyclability up to 1,500 cycles under XFC conditions, which is superior to the conventional state-of-the-art electrolyte.

Application and Industries

  • Battery manufacturers
  • Electric vehicle manufacturers


  • Exceeds fast-charging goal set by DOE
  • Improved ionic conductivity
  • Electrochemical stability
  • Long lasting performance