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2018 SCALE Users' Group Workshop

Event ContactsBrad Rearden, 865-574-6085;
Germina Ilas, 865-241-4672;
Will Wieselquist, 865-574-0204;


Monday, August 27, 2018






Emerging Initiatives in SCALEBrad Rearden, ORNL
SCALE Capabilities to Support NRC Licensing ReviewDon Algama, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NRC Advanced Reactor Licensing ActivitiesGeorge Flanagan, ORNL
Mutually Beneficial Developments in SCALE+CASLKevin Clarno, ORNL
SCALE Support by the DOE/NNSA Nuclear Criticality Safety ProgramDoug Bowen, ORNL

Working Lunch Talk

GAIN: What is it and is it helping?

Andy Worrall, ORNL






Advanced Reactor Modeling with SCALE


Developments and Application of SCALE for MSR Analysis Modeling with TRITONBen Betzler, ORNL
High-Fidelity MSR Modeling with VERA-MSRBen Collins, ORNL
Confirmatory Analysis of NuScale’s Reactor Physics Design with Polaris/PARCS/PATHSAndrew Bielen, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Assessment of SCALE Capabilities for HTR Modeling and SimulationFriederike Bostelmann, ORNL
The AMPX/SCALE Capability with the AMPX 1597-g Library for Advanced Reactor AnalysisKang Seog Kim, ORNL


Applications of SCALE to Nuclear Safeguards and Security


Uncertainty Analysis with SCALE/Sampler for Neutron Active Interrogation CalculationsMatt Jessee, ORNL
3D Visualization in FulcrumRob Lefebvre, ORNL
Use of ORIGEN for Safeguards Application of the PROSPECT Antineutrino ExperimentAndrew Conant, Georgia Tech
Use of ORIGAMI/ORIGEN for Spent Fuel SafeguardsJianwei Hu, ORNL


Tuesday, August 28, 2018




LWR Modeling with SCALE


TRITON/Shift Depletion ValidationBrian Ade, ORNL

SCALE-PARCS Pin Power Uncertainty for Watts Bar

HZP & Hatch Gamma Detector Modeling with Polaris-PARCS

Andrew Ward, University of Michigan
Advanced BWR Criticality Safety with Quantified Uncertainty Using Various SCALE ModulesDean Price, University of Illinois
Using the Fission Source Mesh Tally to Validate KENO for Pin PowerJustin Clarity, ORNL


Decommissioning, Disposal, and Spent Nuclear Fuel Burnup Credit


A Summary of the Recent BWR BUC Project at ORNLBJ Marshall, ORNL
Validation of SCALE for BWR SNFUgur Mertyurek, ORNL
Detailed SCALE Dose Rate Evaluations for a Consolidated Interim Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage FacilityGeorgeta Radulescu, ORNL
UNF-ST&DARDS: A Unique Tool for Spent Nuclear Fuel Characterization Using SCALEKaushik Banerjee, ORNL

Working Lunch Talk

Nuclear Data and Benchmarking Program

Brad Rearden, ORNL


Reactor Safety Analysis with SCALE


Reactor Safety Analysis with SCALEMatthias Behler, GRS
Neutronic and Thermal-Hydraulic Feasibility Studies for HFIR Conversion to LEU U3Si2-Al FuelDavid Chandler, ORNL
ENDF/B-VIII.0 Testing with AMPX, SCALE, and VALIDAndrew Holcomb, ORNL
NCSU Activities on High Temperature Reactor Design Using SCALEPaolo Balestra, NCSU
Nodal Data GenerationWill Wieselquist, SCALE Director, ORNL


Applications of SCALE for Nuclear Criticality Safety Practitioners


Criticality Convergence ConfusionDale Lancaster,
Applications of SCALE for H-Canyon at the Savannah River SiteJoshua Butler, SRNS
Analytical Geometry and Enriched Uranium Solutions in SCALE: Two H-Canyon StudiesTracy Stover, SRNS
The Use of SCALE in the Licensing and Inspection of NRC-Regulated Fuel Cycle FacilitiesJeremy Munson, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Epithermal/Intermediate Spectrum Critical Experiment Using SPR/CSJustin Clarity, ORNL


Wednesday, August 29, 2018




Integration of SCALE Capabilities for Multiphysics Analysis


Secondary Neutron Source Modeling with SCALE and VERAAndrew Godfrey, ORNL
SCALE/FAST Coupling StatusWill Wieselquist, SCALE Director, ORNL
Integration of Thermochimica with ORIGEN Using the ORIGEN-APIBernard Fitzpatrick, UOIT


Validation, Verification, and Uncertainty Quantification


New SCALE Capability for Uncertainty Quantification of the Kinetic ParametersMajdi Radaideh, University of Illinois
Preliminary SCALE Results for the OECD/NEA Benchmark for Uncertainty Analysis in Modeling of SFRsFriederike Bostelmann, ORNL
ENDF/B-VIII Covariance LibrariesVlad Sobes, ORNL
Critical Experiment CorrelationsBJ Marshall, ORNL
Criticality Validation of SCALE 6.2Ellen Saylor, ORNL



ORIGEN Activation Analysis of the Sile Experiment

Sampler Applied to Source Term Uncertainty

Using ORIGAMI for Detailed Spent Fuel Assembly Analysis in Safeguards Applications

Introduction to the Polaris Lattice Physics Code

MAVRIC Cask Analysis with ORIGEN Spent Fuel Sources

Linking External C++ or Fortran Software to the ORIGEN API

KENO-VI Modeling of Double Heterogeneous Reactor Systems Using TRISO Fuel

Generation of SCALE Multi-Group Fast Reactor Libraries with AMPX