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Vertically Aligned Single-Crystalline CoFe2O4 Nanobrush Architectures with High Magnetization and Tailored Magnetic Anisotrop...

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Micrometer-tall vertically aligned single-crystalline CoFe2O4 nanobrush architectures with extraordinarily large aspect ratio have been achieved by the precise control of a kinetic and thermodynamic non-equilibrium pulsed laser epitaxy process. Direct observations by scanning transmission electron microscopy reveal that the nanobrush crystal is mostly defect-free by nature, and epitaxially connected to the substrate through a continuous 2D interface layer. In contrast, periodic dislocations and lattice defects such as anti-phase boundaries and twin boundaries are frequently observed in the 2D interface layer, suggesting that interface misfit strain relaxation under a non-equilibrium growth condition plays a critical role in the self-assembly of such artificial architectures. Magnetic property measurements have found that the nanobrushes exhibit a saturation magnetization value of 6.16 μB/f.u., which is much higher than the bulk value. The discovery not only enables insights into an effective route for fabricating unconventional high-quality nanostructures, but also demonstrates a novel magnetic architecture with potential applications in nanomagnetic devices.