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Technology Assessment on Low-Temperature Waste Heat Recovery in Industry...

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ORNL Report
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The purpose of this report is to discuss the magnitude of low-temperature waste heat available in the US manufacturing sector and to identify current and emerging low-temperature heat recovery technologies and equipment. The primary focus of the study is on the industries that produce the lowest-temperature waste heat: the chemical, primary metal, petroleum, nonmetallic mineral, fabricated metal, food, paper, and wood industries. In addition to identifying the waste streams, their characteristics, and currently available heat recovery technologies, the study also explored future research opportunities and economic barriers for recovery technology implementation. Special attention was given to applicable heat to power conversion technologies such as the organic Rankine cycle, thermoelectric conversion, and the supercritical CO2 cycle. The study included investigations in research and new developments, including turbine and heat exchanger cost for waste heat to power systems, size, efficiency, and intermittency of waste heat streams.