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SEM and TEM data of nuclear graphite and glassy carbon microstructures...

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Micrographs of multiple nuclear graphite grades were captured using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM), complementing the data contained in the related manuscript, “A multi-technique image library of nuclear graphite microstructures of historical and modern grades.” The SEM micrographs show the differences among filler particles, binder, and thermal cracks contained in nuclear graphite. This library of microstructures serves as a baseline of as-received material and enables understanding the phases and differences between nuclear grades. TEM micrographs included in this manuscript elucidate the content of a common material contained in the binder phase known as quinoline insoluble (QI) particles. These particles are a phase of graphite that can be used as a forensic fingerprint of the neutron irradiation effects in graphite. The manuscript also contains some data of glassy carbon, an allotrope of carbon that shares similarities with some of the chaotic structures in nuclear graphite. Combined, these micrographs provide a detailed overview of the microstructures of various graphite grades prior to neutron irradiation.