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Residual Stresses and Microstructure within Allvac 718Plus Laser Powder Bed Fusion Bars...

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Additive Manufacturing
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The residual stresses within Allvac 718Plus bars built using LBPF with different laser powers, speeds and table displacements were measured using diffraction and mechanical methods and modelled with the baseplate attached and then removed. The residual stress profiles within the bars from the top surface down through the bulk were all quite similar, becoming less tensile due to a strain hardening mechanism. Table displacement has the greatest impact on residual stress, decreasing with increasing displacement/powder layer thickness. There was good agreement amongst the modeling and measurements. The microstructures were examined and varied slightly with energy density with higher densities having larger grains and enhanced post solidification diffusion. Energy density had minimal impact on the residuals stresses within the parameters to produce dense material.