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Rapid Quenching of Molten Salts as an Approach for the Coordination Characterization of Corrosion Products

Publication Type
Journal Name
Nuclear Science and Engineering
Publication Date
Page Numbers
727 to 734

A new apparatus was built to rapidly cool molten salts in liquid argon to prevent contamination during quenching and enable new insight into the structure in the liquid state. To test the applicability of the apparatus, several industrially relevant chloride salt compositions were first melted, rapidly solidified, and then characterized. The design proved applicable for the rapid quenching of molten salt. Furthermore, the structure of the apparatus prevented exposure of the rapidly quenched salt to impurities (humidity, oxygen, etc.). X-ray diffraction of salt specimens cooled with and without liquid argon showed differences including a structure further from the expected stoichiometric equilibrium with rapid cooling. Of particular interest is the chemical state of metallic impurities, and this may be probed using electron paramagnetic resonance.