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Design of tough adhesive from commodity thermoplastics through dynamic crosslinking...

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Science Advances
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1 to 11

Tough adhesives provide resistance against high debonding forces, and these adhesives are difficult to design because of the simultaneous requirement of strength and ductility. Here, we report a design of tough reversible/recyclable adhesive materials enabled by incorporating dynamic covalent bonds of boronic ester into commodity triblock thermoplastic elastomers that reversibly bind with various fillers and substrates. The spectroscopic measurements and density functional theory calculations unveil versatile dynamic covalent binding of boronic ester with various hydroxy-terminated surfaces such as silica nanoparticles, aluminum, steel, and glass. The designed multiphase material exhibits exceptionally high adhesion strength and work of debonding with a rebonding capability, as well as outstanding mechanical, thermal, and chemical resistance properties. Bonding and debonding at the interfaces dictate hybrid material properties, and this revelation of tailored dynamic interactions with multiple interfaces will open up a new design of adhesives and hybrid materials.