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Clean and High-Efficiency Natural Gas Furnace with Advanced Acidic Gas Trap Technology...

Publication Type
Conference Paper
Journal Name
ASHRAE Transactions
Publication Date
Conference Name
2021 ASHRAE Annual Conference
Conference Location
Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America
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Conference Date

Ccurrent natural gas condensing furnaces generate substantial acidic condensate and SOx/NOx/CO/HC/methane emissions, causing long-term environment issues related to air, water and soil. Acidic condensate occurs when flue gases within the furnaces cool down below the dew points of acidic gases, which upon condensation, combine with water vapor to produce acidic solutions. The acidic condensate causes serious corrosion and fouling problems in natural gas condensing furnaces. This paper presents a novel solution to use an advanced adsorption technology based on monolithic acidic gas trap (AGT) adsorbers for SOx trapping, NOx redox, and formic acid/CO/HC/methane oxidation, enabling a new natural gas furnace with utra-clean flue gas and neutral condensate. When the AGT adsorber is appropriately integrated with natural gas furnaces, the acidic gases of SOx, NOx and formic gas/CO/HC will be continuously adsorbed, redoxed or oxidized, respectively, from the flue gas during a regular heating season, except for occasional regeneration activities for SOx trapping. In the paper, we present results from a prototype furnace employing the novel AGT component, which enables a pH of the condensate =7, NOx emissions of 1-2 nanograms/joule and an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) of 96%, providing a cost-effective technology for condensing furnaces that is eco-friendly to the environment.