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Authentication and Interpretation of Weight Data Collected from Accountability Scales at Global Nuclear Fuels

Publication Type
Conference Paper
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Conference Name
INMM, Pacific Northwest Chapter, Northwest International Conference on Global Nuclear Security – The Decade Ahead
Conference Location
Portland, Oregon, United States of America
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Accountability scale data from the Global Nuclear Fuels (GNF) fuel fabrication facility in Wilmington, NC has been collected and analyzed as a part of the Cylinder Accountability and Tracking System (CATS) field trial in 2009. The purpose of the data collection was to demonstrate an authentication method for safeguards applications, and the use of load cell data in cylinder accountability. The scale data was acquired using a commercial off-the-shelf communication server with authentication and encryption capabilities. The authenticated weight data was then analyzed to determine facility operating activities. The data allowed for the determination of the number of full and empty cylinders weighed and the respective weights along with other operational activities. Data authentication concepts, practices and methods, the details of the GNF weight data authentication implementation and scale data interpretation results will be presented.