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Advanced Intelligent Systems Section

Focuses on R&D to enhance the resilience and effectiveness of our analytic ecosystems used to capture, gather, organize, and analyze intelligence about an adversary to assist national security analysts and decision makers.

  1. Cyber Identity and Biometrics — Researches and develops detection of insider and outsider threat; cyber persona (e.g., using “digital exhaust”) for user identification and intent; biometrics; and identity science for individuals, small groups, and networks of potential adversaries.
  2. Augmented Analyst Intelligence — Performs R&D that will augment an analyst’s accuracy, effectiveness, speed, confidence, and ability to process large amounts of multi-modal data sources via the creation of advanced data science, information visualization, augmented/virtual reality, synergistic human-machine intelligence methods, and human-computer-interface technologies.
  3. Cybersecurity Research — Conducts R&D on artificial-intelligence- and machine-learning-driven cyber defense methods, tools, and techniques that are designed to improve the cyber analyst’s ability to protect our nation’s critical computer systems and networks. Operations research is an important science component to ensure effective design and deployment of operational cyber defense tools. An integral R&D area is assurance (i.e., the level of trust and security) of the data and software systems that are deployed on such computer and  network systems.