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Emerging Cyber Technologies Research

NSSD Cybersecurity graphic

The Cybersecurity Research Group develops and integrates innovative technologies rooted in mathematics, physics, and data science to optimize cybersecurity operations and analyses. As part of ORNL, a global leader in supercomputing and data science, the group has access to world-leading computing test environments and attracts researchers who have critical expertise.  This team of computer scientists and engineers, mathematicians, and information technologists tackles cybersecurity research from theory to application. The group has four core competencies:

  • Formal methods and mathematics that provide a specialized foundation for addressing national security and cybersecurity problems
  • Defensive cybersecurity research that has established the group as a national leader in the development of cutting-edge defensive cybersecurity architectures and technologies
  • Applied machine learning with strong capabilities in the analysis and development of artificial intelligence and machine learning strategies like intrusion and anomaly detection
  • Computer and software engineering that ensures the group’s R&D matures to the prototype stage for testing and commercialization


Group Leader in Cyber Security Research
Jeff A Nichols