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Safeguards and Treaty Verification Section

Focuses on enhancing concepts, strategies, and technologies that will strengthen the capabilities of the U.S. government and  international regimes (e.g., the International Atomic Energy Agency  and partner countries) to safeguard material, commodities, and technologies from proliferation and to enhance treaty verification.

  1. Strategic Commodities and Technologies — Focuses on review and analysis of nuclear fuel cycle technologies and commodities subject to export control or high-risk property designation; provides technical input for U.S. government policy development and law enforcement, and supports U.S. efforts to enhance partner country programs for export control and high-risk property.
  2. Safeguards Concepts and Implementation — Focuses on development and improvement of concepts and approaches that enhance safeguards implementation, including strategies and technologies that improve inspections. Assists with the federal government with international engagements to strengthen implementation of safeguards and treaty verification.
  3. Nondestructive Measurement Science and Technology — Focuses on research, development, and application of non-destructive detection and analysis technologies that support material control and accounting, operational safety for material processing, and nuclear material security protocols.
  4. Verification Technologies — Focused on research, development, and application of technologies that support verification, monitoring, detection, assessment, or response to unauthorized access or misuse of nuclear material, including technologies that enhance the security of nuclear or radiological facilities.