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Climate Change Science Institute

By 2020, CCSI will be recognized as a premier research organization, partner, and source of knowledge for understanding climate change, evaluating its interactions with human and natural systems, and informing adaptation and mitigation policy and strategies.

The Climate Change Science Institute (CCSI) was formed in 2009 to integrate climate science activities across Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Approximately, 130 scientists in the areas of (i) earth system modeling, (ii) data integration, dissemination, and informatics, (iii) terrestrial ecosystem and carbon cycle science, and (iv) climate impacts, adaptation, and vulnerability science are co-located in a single modern, open office space environment.

CCSI’s priorities are to create the science, experiments, data, and community capacity needed to:

  • Strengthen the predictive capabilities and effectiveness of climate and biogeochemical models.
  • Identify and understand how extreme events and climate tipping points impact the resiliency of human and natural land-energy-water systems.
  • Participate in national and international climate assessments and response option analysis.
  • Develop useful climate adaptation and mitigation tools and information in collaboration with land-energy-water system stakeholders.

CCSI is a unique institution within the national laboratory system and across the country. CCSI successfully integrates the following three traits:

  • Collocation. Multidisciplinary staff collocated within a diverse science laboratory with world-class supercomputers, measurement and analysis tools, and scientific expertise.
  • Model-Data-Experiment Integration. Improving multi-scale climate and biogeochemical models and their uncertainty characterization by integrating models, long-term large-scale field experiments, and data analytical services.
  • Mission-Inspired Science. Science driven by the need to better understand the impacts and consequences of climate change on human and natural land-energy-water systems.

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