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Power and Energy Systems

Creating solutions for the secure, reliable and sustainable power grid of the future

The Power and Energy Systems (PES) Group provides innovative solutions to the nation's most challenging energy issues, accelerating the investigation and transition of science into practice for a cost-effective, secure, reliable, and sustainable electric grid of the future. The PES Group’s research focuses on strategies and solutions for grid modernization, including: Microgrid control and synchronization; energy storage system design and integration such as innovations in secondary battery energy storage; renewable energy deployment and integration; wide-area grid monitoring and dynamic modeling; advanced metering infrastructure interoperability; SCADA design, controls, and testing; power reserve modeling and projection; real-time power simulation impact studies; load-as-resource and buildings integration; and other areas. The group’s unique research and development facilities allow testing dynamic voltage and power factor control supplied from distributed energy resources, microgrid operations, protection and controls, energy storage integration, buildings integration, AMI interoperability, SCADA testing, RTDS impact studies, renewables integration, fault induced delayed voltage recovery, and other applications. PES facilities include a unique low-voltage testbed developed at ORNL that allows safe testing of high-voltage applications for cybersecure controls to enhance grid reliability, resilience and security, the Distributed Energy Communications and Control lab, or DECC, a fully functioning research microgrid, and the Grid Operations Analytics Laboratory, or GOAL, which tests communications, controls, cybersecurity and sensors developments in the real-time setting of a functional control room.