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Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
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Stucco Ontology

Stucco:  A Cyber Intelligence Platform

Security event data, such as intrusion detection system alerts, provide a starting point for analysis, but are information impoverished. To provide context, analysts must manually gather and synthesize relevant data from myriad sources within their enterprise and external to it. Analysts search system logs, network flows, and firewall data; they search IP blacklists and reputation lists, software vulnerability information, malware and threat data, OS and application vendor blogs, and news sites. All of these sources are manually searched for data relevant to the event being investigated. Relevant results must then be brought together and synthesized to put the event in context and make decisions about its importance and impact.

This is a manual, tedious process, but the results of this process are required to know how to react to events. Stucco is a cyber intelligence platform to help automate this process and provide relevant information to analysts quickly and easily. Stucco collects data not typically integrated into security systems, extracts domain concepts and relationships, and integrates that information into a cyber security knowledge graph to accelerate decision making.

By organizing data into a knowledge graph, security analysts will be able to rapidly search for domain concepts, speeding up access to the information needed for decision-making. The information returned will only be that which is pertinent to their search. Our approach enables analysts to more quickly identify events that can be discarded as false positives and to perform more thorough analysis with the relevant context to make decisions.


Senior Researcher, Data Science and Visualization Group
John R Goodall