Power and Energy Systems

Power and Energy Systems

Provide innovative solutions to the nation's most challenging energy problems, accelerating the investigation and transition of science into practice for a cost-effective, secure, reliable, and sustainable electric grid of the future.

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An Efficient Modulation Strategy for Cascaded Photovoltaic Systems Suffering From Module Mismatch

Modular multilevel cascaded converter (MMCC) is a promising technique for medium/high-voltage high-power photovoltaic systems due to its modularity, scalability, and capability of distributed maximum...

Community Microgrid Scheduling Considering Network Operational Constraints and Building Thermal Dynamics

This paper proposes a Mixed Integer Conic Programming (MICP) model for community microgrids considering the network operational constraints and building thermal dynamics. The proposed multi-objective...

Modular Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel PV Inverter with Distributed MPPT for Grid-Connected Applications

This paper presents a modular cascaded H-bridge multilevel photovoltaic (PV) inverter for single- or three-phase grid-connected applications. The modular cascaded multilevel topology helps to improve...


Power and Energy Systems research focuses on strategies and solutions for grid modernization, including: Microgrid control and synchronization; energy storage system design and integration, including innovations in secondary battery energy storage; renewable energy deployment and integration; wide-area grid monitoring and dynamic modeling; advanced metering infrastructure interoperability; SCADA design, controls, and testing; power reserve modeling and projection; real-time power simulation impact studies; load-as-resource and buildings integration; and other areas. A key capability for the group is ORNL’s Distributed Energy Communications & Controls laboratory, for testing dynamic voltage and power factor control supplied from DE resources, microgrid operations, protection and controls, energy storage integration, buildings integration, AMI interoperability, SCADA testing, RTDS impact studies, renewables integration, fault induced delayed voltage recovery, and other applications.


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Group Leader, Power and Energy Systems

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