Chemical Sciences Division Capabilities


Nanomaterials Chemistry Group Capabilties

  • Synthesis and characterization of mesoporous materials for separation, catalysis, and energy storage/conversion
  • Advanced scintillating materials for radiation detection as well as radioactive nanoparticles for medical applications
  • Low-dimensional materials such as graphene for separations and energy storage
  • Liquid electrolyte, polymer electrolyte, and additives...

Chemical Separations Group Core Capabilities

Design of new synthetic receptors

We apply contemporary quantum chemical methods and molecular modeling tools to design novel ligands for various applications, for predicting thermodynamics of ion complexation in the gas phase and in solution, and to characterize the nature of chemical bond in complex systems. Our research uses resources of the National Energy Research...

Mass Spectrometry and Laser Spectroscopy Group Core Capabilities

  • Laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry elemental imaging
  • Hybrid optical microscopy/laser ablation liquid capture electrospray ionization mass spectrometry imaging
  • Hybrid atomic force microscopy/mass spectrometry platforms for physical and chemical¬† ¬†imaging
  • Liquid extraction based spatially resolved surface analysis for rapid and sensitive...