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Radioactive Materials Analytical Lab

The Radioactive Materials Analytical Laboratory is a specialized nuclear analytical group which applies advanced measurement systems and analytical protocols in support of ORNL’s science and technology initiatives and strategic partnerships.

The RMAL’s provides leadership in the analytical sciences for the detection of radioactive isotopes and EPA regulated attributes in the environment, detailed characterizations of materials and chemical processing for the production and distribution of anthropogenic isotopes, and fission and activation products in bulk irradiated materials related to the nuclear fuel cycles.

The RMAL traces its roots back to the original Chemistry Division established at the then Clinton Laboratories (X-10) for its operations of the Graphite Rector ORNL's major science and technology initiatives and pilot-scale demonstration to produce and recover plutonium through activation of natural uranium slugs for the Manhattan Project.

Now, as then, the RMAL’s success is dependent on maintaining a highly skilled technical workforce with an unquestionable work ethic and ability to work as a team to solve complex issues, develop new analytical methodologies, and produce quality analytical results in support of big nuclear science projects.

Radioactive Materials Analytical Laboratory (RMAL)


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Group Leader-TP RMAL