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TIP Talks

Delivering new innovations to industry to help increase the nation’s economic competitiveness is an important part of Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s mission. Our Technology Innovation Program accelerates commercial adoption of promising lab-developed technologies by making targeted investments that enhance commercial readiness and raise a technology’s visibility in the region. Since 2012, ORNL has invested more than $11 million in 49 projects, resulting in 35 commercial licenses and options with partners ranging from Fortune 100 companies to early-stage startups.

Involvement of ORNL research teams in TIP requires a rigorous proposal process. Each year, a panel of ORNL managers and commercial experts select the most compelling technologies for a year of R&D development and outreach. At year’s end, these technologies are offered to industry partners whose licensing agreements allow them to commercialize the technologies. Additional funding may also be awarded for follow-on R&D efforts.

Please contact us if you would like to be included in the TIP calls for license applications.

2022 Project Videos

2022 TIP Brochure