Jerry M. Parks

Jerry M Parks

Group Leader, Molecular Biophysics

Jerry Parks is the Group Leader for Molecular Biophysics in the Biosciences Division. Parks uses his expertise in computational chemistry and bioinformatics to understand the structure, function, and mechanism of proteins and enzymes.


2020 UT-Battelle Team Award for Outstanding Scholarly Output

2013 ORNL Director’s Award for Outstanding Team Accomplishment

2013 UT-Battelle Team Award for Scientific Research

Ph.D. Chemistry, Duke University

Inhibitors of Coronavirus Papain-Like Protease, Sanders BC, Ferrins L, and Parks JM. US Provisional Application Serial No. 63/454,205. Filed Mar 23, 2023.

Covalent Inhibitors of Coronavirus Papain-Like Protease, Sanders BC, Galanie S, and Parks JM, US Nonprovisional Application Serial No. 17/896,182 and PCT/US2022/041629. Filed Aug 27, 2022.

Mercury Methylation Genes in Bacteria and Archaea, Parks JM and Johs A. (U.S. Patent 10,036,072. Issued July 31, 2018).