Philip R Boudreaux

Philip R Boudreaux

R & D Staff

Mr. Boudreaux is an R & D staff member at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the Building Technologies Research and Integration Center.  He has a B.S. and M.S. in physics with a concentration in optics.  Early in his career, he worked in biomedical optics to aid in non-invasive diagnostics.  Working on the optics for a fiber-optic-based building lighting project led him to his current position working in energy efficiency of buildings. His research has included deep energy retrofits, advanced residential appliances, and moisture durability of energy-efficient envelope components. His main current interest is non-destructive testing applied to the building envelope to ensure durable performance.

Best Paper Award (2nd Place) at the 2022 International Buildings XV Conference.
What does it take to see air leakage through a building envelope?
Philip Boudreaux, Emishaw Iffa, Singanallur Venkatakrishnan and Diana Hun

BS in Physics, The University of Louisiana at Lafayette, 2002

MS in Physics, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 2004

Patent # 10,494,756 “Dryer appliances including an air circulation duct” Beers, David G.; Dunn, David Scott; Gluesenkamp, Kyle R.; Boudreaux, Philip R.; Shen, Bo 2019-12-03

Patent # 9,194,798 “Imaging Based Refractometer for Instantaneous Hyperspectral Refractive Index Detection” Baba, Justin, Boudreaux, Philip 2015-11-24