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Liane Russell

The life of celebrated ORNL biologist Liane Russell was remarkable in many respects — from her childhood flight from Austria ahead of the Nazi invasion to her 60-year career as a trailblazing woman in the field of genetics to her decades of advocacy for environmental causes. 

Herb Mook

Herb Mook was a driving force in ORNL neutron s​cience ​for four decades, a prolific and pioneering experimentalist, and a leader and mentor for generations of neutron scattering scientists. 

Petro Maksymovych

Every year, the Web of Science Group announces its list of Highly Cited Researchers. This year's list includes nine scientists from ORNL.

Xin Sun

It's easy enough to see why ORNL is looking forward to the coming decade and beyond.

Dr. Bart Iddins

ORNL’s world-class researchers get plenty of well-deserved attention, but the lab also owes its success to the people behind the scenes.


ORNL has been an important national resource for more than 75 years and provides leadership in supercomputing, nuclear and neutron science, advanced materials, manufacturing, isotope production, environmental science and many other fields.